How Is Keno Similar To Bingo

If you are a great fan of Bingo, you will most definitely enjoy playing online Keno. This is because the two are relatively similar to one another and Keno players in turn enjoy playing online Bingo. If you are wondering how the two games are similar to one another, then read below to see whether or not you think you will enjoy the one more than the other.

When players play online Keno they need to place bets on numbered balls. They are given cards where they select the numbers they think will be chosen. There is a minimum limit as well as a maximum limit on how many numbers are chosen. Once the player has selected the numbered balls they think will win and placed bets on them, the balls are then shuffled and then 20 balls are chosen from the 80 that are available. Depending on how the player bet, the payout or winnings are then allocated into the players account.

Bingo is the same in the sense that players need to place bets on numbers. They are paid out according to how much they bet and what they bet on. Both games are simple and easy to learn and in most instances players who enjoy playing Bingo also enjoy the simplicity and similarity of Keno.

If you have played one but not the other, you will be pleased to know that online casinos have both available. So if you wish to practice, you may do so by placing small bets or playing free games which are offered by select online casinos when you sign up with them. Once you have had a few goes of it, you will find that you are ready to play for real cash. And since the games are so similar to one another, you will be ready for action in no time at all!

So for all you Keno or Bingo lovers, try something new and give the other a shot! After all, you already know how fun playing for cash can be!